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What are the benefits of a Cambridge education for my child?

The curriculum is flexible, challenging and inspiring. It helps learners develop essential  skills for their careers and beyond.
The curriculum values deep subject knowledge and conceptual understanding, encouraging higher-order thinking skills and cross-curricular connections.

Cambridge assessments are designed to measure learners progress at each stage, allowing  us to identify their strengths & work on areas that need to be strengthened.  Reflection is a continuous process at school.

Cambridge qualifications are globally recognized, accepted and valued by universities and employers around the world.
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We maintain a 1:12 teacher to student ratio across grades.

We offer upto 17 subject choices in high school, giving learners the flexibility of both subject and subject combination.
Our curriculum is well aligned to
NEP 2020

We are a Cambridge-approved examination centre and accept private candidates to appear for the Cambridge examinations and qualifications.

Along with formative and summative assessments, parent teacher meetings, learner evaluation reports, support and enhancement classes, we also offer career guidance and counseling services as a part of our programme.

We conduct field trips, educational tours and provide opportunities for community projects, internships and fellowships.

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How would you describe the faculty at I Can?

Over the last 15 years, I Can has built a network of experienced and passionate  facilitators/mentors. Our team members are strong communicators, show empathy, have patience and value real-world learning, bringing new meaningful learning experiences to every classroom interaction.

Every individual is an expert in his / her field, with necessary subject knowledge and passion to impart this knowledge. Our faculty are innovative, practical, and employ student-centric approaches through participation and activity, rather than purely  instruction-based learning.
Our teachers also undergo continuous professional development as Cambridge certified faculty as well as in-house training from the management.

What else does the school do to make my child university-ready?

✓  At I Can, every child is engaged with learning opportunities that go beyond the classroom. We build our learners’ portfolios to showcase values and skills developed with in-depth subject knowledge and creative abilities.

✓  We encourage active student-led participation in areas like personal health safety, communication, art and design, science and  research, performing arts, martial arts, cultural and literary festivals and inter-school interactions.

What is I Can's academic record ?

✓  All our learners have passed their board examinations in flying colours and a majority of them have achieved a distinction grade. The in-house readiness and early de-stigmatisation of  exams at school, helps put learners at ease and helps time reflect on their own performance.

Over 15 years I Can has successfully built:

✓  A strong bond with like- minded parents

✓  Positive relationships with our learners

✓  Teachers as facilitators and mentors

✓  A socially responsible school environment

✓  Experience in imparting quality education

Our school is a Cambridge International School, registered with Cambridge Assessment International Education, part of the University of Cambridge.

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