Welcome Letter

Welcome Letter

“If we want to reach real peace in this world, we should start educating children.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Welcome letter to All New Admissions for the Academic year 2020 -21

Dear Parents / Guardians,

As the country witnesses the second wave, we understand that every family in India has been affected directly or indirectly. While we plan on re-opening for the next Academic year 2021-22, the need to talk to children about COVID-19 and help ensure that they are feeling safe is essential. As we adults scramble to ensure the safety of our dear ones, this has been an equally confusing time for our children who have dealt with this adversity as they have stayed home for more than a year now. The New Normal has indeed been challenging for all.

“I Can School’s management & team made a swift change last year when schools had to shut down suddenly. Right from the way content had to be delivered, the support staff managing the logistics and the teachers learning new technology and adapting new tools to ensure no child is left behind, we believe we truly lived our slogan “I Can”. Events like assemblies, special day celebrations, talent shows, show and tell, class parties went on undeterred. From PE, to rhythm & movement, drama and music classes, all were executed online efficiently. A very tough job but against all odds, the learner’s interest and attention was held.” (extract from Parent Testimonial) The new world order in education – technology, synchronous and asynchronous learning are here to stay.

We are proud of your decision to educate your child / ward with us. We welcome you, your child and your family into our school and our lives. We look forward to a productive partnership with you to ensure your children can achieve their highest potential, learning for life being our primary goal. We do understand each of your emotions - joy, apprehension, excitement and fear. Please be assured that we will do our best to make this year of schooling in a new online environment an enjoyable “learning” experience for your child.

As teachers we are fortunate to spend time doing what we love and what we believe in. Children have a way of lighting up the room with imagination and their curiosity making our days brighter. We are often touched by a child’s honesty, boldness, humor, creativity and tenderness. We are learning more each day that teaching is not a job – it is a privilege! Children have amazed us with their adaptability and technology is definitely their forte’. We have indeed been their students too. Learning all along.

Please know that, here at I Can: Every child is talented and capable of learning, and has unique gifts and strengths that are celebrated.

We will provide a safe and comfortable environment. Learning will be hands-on, interactive, imaginative, integrated and FUN.

School Re-opening Dates SL No Class Date of Re-Opening 1 Primary School (1 -5) Mon – June 14, 2021 2 Kindergarten (Pre KG, LKG & UKG) Mon – June 14, 2021 3 Middle School (6 -8) Mon – June 14, 2021 4 High School (9 – Int AL) Mon – June 14, 2021

Please note: For the online classes you will receive an exclusive school email ID for the google meet platform.

School Fees:A Reminder to kindly pay the fees for the academic year in case it has not yet been paid. We hope you have received our fee structur

  • The school will collect fees online as we may not be open till it is safe to do so.
  • Further payment details & break up of fee structure can be obtained from the school office.
  • Books will be issued only after payment of fees and when safe to do so.

Document Checklist - Required to be submitted before 31st May 2021 Please confirm if all the following documents have been submitted during the admission process. In case if not submitted, please send us the following:

  • Report Card of previous schools (for LKG and above)
  • Transfer Certificate (for Grade 1 and above)
  • Attested Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Three passport size photographs – with name of child and grade mentioned at the
  • back. (scanned copy can be emailed)
  • Aadhar Card Copies of child and parents
  • Admission Form duly filled - https://www.icanschool.edu.in/form
  • Passport & Visa copies of child and parent in case of foreign national

Please note that the details filled in the admission form will be used for all future official documents like reports etc. Please ensure that the data provided is accurate – especially name and email id. No, changes in name will be permitted after the admission process is completed. Name change if required will require the necessary documents to be submitted.

Medical Conditions: Please inform the school in writing, in case your child has any specific allergies or medical conditions that the school must be aware of.

Settling the child: The transition period for each child to settle into the full routine of the school is an important phase.

For all new admissions, especially Playgroup & Pre KG parents please know that the child will take a few days/weeks to settle down into the full routine of the school. Hence, we shall progressively move into achieving the full routine starting with small sessions at the start and then building capacity for more. A parent or caretaker for the child must be present alongside your child online, till the child is completely settled. It is not necessary for older children to be accompanied for online sessions. Communication:

All necessary communication will be via e-mail and WhatsApp broadcast messages. Kindly ensure that your e-mail and contact number is updated in our school records. Do check your email on a regular basis. Kindly send an e-mail to the school id if you have any queries to [email protected] OR [email protected]

Parent Orientation Session: As a team we hope to clearly spell out to parents through Orientation Sessions at the beginning of the term, our philosophy & vision for I Can. This will include the curriculum, it’s development, assessments, grading, class work, homework, child management and school policies. Dates will be communicated to you shortly.

We look forward to meeting your child once school re-opens. Kindly Contact the Office directly in case of any queries. Yours sincerely, Capt Audrey Maben, Astrid Sharon & Joyce Maben Founders & Trustees

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