About Us

Who We Are

Affiliating Board(s)The school is affiliated to The International General Certificate of Secondary Education, developed by University of Cambridge International Examinations. This International Board helps students widen their horizons and emerge as global citizens.

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Our Teachers

The foundation of any successful educational institution rests on its mentors who are dedicated to the noble cause of education. I Can is fortunate to have mentors from diverse backgrounds, and unitedby common values:

  • Relevant experience
  • Dedication towards shaping every student into his/her best
  • Belief in exploration and evolution
  • Fearless experimentation
  • Amiable, accessible nature
  • Focus on discipline

After a rigorous selection process,the school on-boardsteachers who share these values and are passionate about imparting learning in a highly engaging, comprehensive manner.

Nurturing is an ongoing process

The school takes on the responsibility of continually nurturing its mentors; keeping themmotivated, involved and enthusiastic about ongoing learning. The learning curve stays positive and buoyant.
Some of the ongoing initiatives for the mentors at I Can are:

  • Workshops and training sessions on vital aspects of mentoring
  • Encouragement to represent the school at various national and international forums,
  • Responsibility and authority in select initiatives
  • Opportunities to improve and strengthen the existing processes

Mission & Vision


To establish the school as the finest institution in the region that provides real education with a global perspective along with humanity, warmth, affection, respect and care.


To emerge as a Centre of Excellence which prepares students to transform into responsible, well-informed Global Citizens who contribute to the betterment of the society in the most transparent, ethical and responsible manner.